Fish farming

We offer the following products to fish farms:

  • Feed salt
  • Formalin
  • Halamid
  • Buffodin

Please try our new disinfectant in the form of a self-dissolving tablet.

This has several advantages, including the cascade effect that creates streams in the water, so that the disinfectant distributes into the water without stirring. Another advantage of this is that the dissolution process forms a buffer system that enables the disinfectant to create the best disinfecting effect in a pH range that is not affected by external factors. This tablet is an “in situ” disinfectant. “In situ” means that the tablet only becomes a disinfectant when it comes into contact with water.

This tablet is also environment friedly. When released to the sea, all components are broken down to water, carbon dioxide, sodium chloride and nitrogen.

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