Every day, everyone in Sweden should eat something that contains products from us.

Our business concept

We shall sell and distribute ingredients to companies withn the food industry in Scandinavia so that our products can live up to consumers’ expectations.

We refine Nordic food

At Kebelco, we have always had the ambition to distribute only the very best raw materials and ingredients to the Scandinavian food industry. Today we are a well-established distributor who refines the goods you supply your customers with.

Our focus is on delivering high-quality products to, primarily, the Swedish food industry. With expertise, a sense of service and a solid network of contacts that includes suppliers and partners around the world, Kebelco is a reliable distributor and agency company that always delivers.

We have a large spectrum of customers, everything from large-scale dairies to farm dairies, ice cream manufacturers, confectionery manufacturers, breweries, smokehouses, fish farmers, health food manufacturers.


  • Kebelco was started in 2000 by Kent Jansson and Bengt Larsson
  • Kent previously worked for Chr. Hansen and Bengt at MB Sveda AB
  • Kebelco stands for KE = Kent, BE = Bengt, L = fill and CO = Company
  • We currently represent more than 10 European suppliers / manufacturers

The sustainable alternative

At Kebelco, we always strive for new and sustainable heights. At the same time as our highest priority is the customer’s well-being, we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact.

For this and several other reasons, Kebelco’s quality and environmental certification according to ISO 9001 and 14001, EKO and RSPO.

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Kent Jansson

CEO/Owner kent.jansson@kebelco.se +46 705-44 57 09

Niclas Jansson

Partner/ Sales/ Purchaser niclas.jansson@kebelco.se +46 707 995851

Toney Ditlevsen

Sales/ Purchaser toney@kebelco.se +46 76 248 52 43

Fredrik Rafstedt

Logistics fredrik.rafstedt@kebelco.se +46 31 166650

Casper Axell

Sales / Back office casper@kebelco.se +46 31 922033

Gunilla Bertilsson

Sales gunilla@kebelco.se +46 768 677799