We offer a variety of both natural and nature identical flavors in both liquid and powder form.


Natural colors are close to our heart. Now we can also offer e-number free colors – “Coloring Foodstuff”
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Here you’ll find a rich assortment of acids.
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Citric acid (mono & anhydrous)
  • sorbic acid
  • malic acid
and many more…


We have a complete range of sprinkles with the possibility of themed layouts and inclusions.
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Milk powder

Through our partners we can offer a wide range of powdered milk.
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Buttermilk powder
  • Whole milk powder
  • KRAV


We can offer a wide selection of natural extracts.


Our bacterial cultures used in areas such as dairy, meat, bakery, health food, ice cream and silage.
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Licorice Powder

Today we have direct contact with a world-leading manufacturers, which means high quality at good prices.


With a focus on vegetable fat ingredients present our principal emulsifiers and stabilizers in the world.
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We can offer purees and juice concentrates. Please call us on request.
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Here you will find vitamins and customized vitamin and mineral mixtures.
Our product line consists of both powder and liquid alternative and suitable for most applications.


We have what you are looking for – try us!


Our sugar range includes all required forms and packaging options.
  • Granulated sugar
  • Granulated Sugar Icing
  • Demerara
  • Organic

Eco and KRAV-approved products in the range.


We provide several different variations of preservatives.
  •      Potassium sorbate
  •      sodium benzoate
  •      sorbic acid
  •      sodium nitrate